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Bitch I’m Madonna: An over promise and an under delivery.

Imagine Madonna’s Bitch I’m Madonna video without any of the hype or the promise of celebrity cameos and without Taylor Swift’s blockbuster video “Bad Blood” preceding it. Is it starting to look like a much better video to you now? Without all of the above I might be sitting here typing this post and raving about how much I love Madonna’s latest video. “Omg I was not expecting Beyonce to be in it!”, “Did you see Miley Cyrus’ appearance?!”, “Madonna’s still got it!” These are things I could have been discussing with my friends. Instead what I had to do was express my disappointment at the video that could have been. This wasn’t an event music video like “Bad Blood” was, this was (as much as I hate to say it) a B-grade sequel. Continue reading

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