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REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Stone Cold.

If the songs Demi Lovato has released from her album so far have one thing going for them it is definitely in showing the variety of music that she is able to deliver. We’re now on to the third song released from Demi Lovato’s upcoming album “Confident”. First came the pop-rock glory that was the first single “Cool for the Summer” and the finger snapping Burlesque-esque title track. Stone Cold is the latest release, a promo single that does a fantastic job of showing off yet another side of Demi Lovato, a side that creeps into theatre. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Confident.

It’s not surprising to me that “Confident”, the second single from Demi Lovato’s upcoming album of the same name, was initially planned to be the lead single. This era Demi has, with absolute and total conviction, embodied the word confident with every move she has made. It’s difficult not to take the opinion, that her and her team made the wrong choice in switching “Confident” out as the first single in favour of “Cool for the Summer”.

The first single from an album doesn’t always necessarily have to be the best song from an album, it just has to make the biggest statement. It should set the tone for what’s to come, and given the album title and the balls-to-the-wall, fuck it all attitude that has shone through the material we’ve been given so far, “Confident” would have done that perfectly. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer.

Imagine a singer taking the best parts of several hit summer songs, taking cues from successful hit masters and smashing them all together to create a blend of striking pop/rock bound to define the next couple of months in pop music. Were you imagining Demi Lovato? Because if not, boy were you wrong.

Demi said in a Ryan Seacrest interview promoting her new single “Cool for the Summer” that the new song and album are all about having fun, that she’s sick of portraying the sad and wounded girl. It’s extremely clear that she has not in any way held back on the fun, in fact she’s been completely ruthless in creating a banging summer anthem and fiercely stares down anyone daring enough not to love it. Continue reading

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