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REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home.

Comparisons in pop music can be frustrating. In an industry where pretty much every thing has been done before it can be difficult to produce original content, which is why it’s so important that if an artist is going to rehash a sound or visual, they need to either execute it to an incredible standard, or find some way to put their own twist on it in a way that keeps it feeling fresh, new and polished.

Upon listening to and watching Fifth Harmony’s new song my first initial thoughts were “Ciara did it better years ago” and “Rihanna is literally currently doing it better”, which aren’t thoughts that scream, “Fresh! New! Polished!” in any way whatsoever. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Ciara – Dance Like We’re Making Love (Video)

Ciara’s Dance Like We’re Making Love music video could easily have been turned into a cheap, sexed up boring production, but instead she has created a smooth piece of storytelling that through dance ties the song and it’s lyrics into the visuals flawlessly, making the sexiest and classiest music video of the year.

She begins by seducing her man in the pool wearing a gorgeous red dress in a garden; sexy and sultry she shows her partner her moves with the promise that “it’s ‘bout to get hot and heavy”. When the first chorus begins it’s a proposal, an offer, an invitation, “lets dance like we’re making love”. Continue reading

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