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REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home.

Comparisons in pop music can be frustrating. In an industry where pretty much every thing has been done before it can be difficult to produce original content, which is why it’s so important that if an artist is going to rehash a sound or visual, they need to either execute it to an incredible standard, or find some way to put their own twist on it in a way that keeps it feeling fresh, new and polished.

Upon listening to and watching Fifth Harmony’s new song my first initial thoughts were “Ciara did it better years ago” and “Rihanna is literally currently doing it better”, which aren’t thoughts that scream, “Fresh! New! Polished!” in any way whatsoever. Continue reading

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REVIEW: WILD – Troye Sivan.

If there was one word that would describe Troye Sivan’s second major label EP “WILD” it would probably be “integration”. From beginning to end, including the marketing and promotion process, Troye has taken everything he needed to make “WILD” a success and integrated it all into what is a very cohesive and well thought out six song EP.

The first signs of this integration came with the roll out of initial hype for the album. Troye allowed fans to unlock specific aspects of the album, he put up an application on his website for fans to literally put themselves into his album cover and he was talking with fans and being excited about the project with them the entire time. This kind of fan integration is part of the reason Troye has managed to collect so many extremely loyal fans. Continue reading

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REVIEW: What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has released his brand new single “What Do You Mean” (WDYM), and it may be the most authentic advancement in his career yet. “One Time” and “Baby” pandered to his overwhelming teenage girl audience, “Boyfriend” did the same but with a dash of trying to break out of the mould his fans had created for him with an awfully transparent “look I’ve grown up” rap. WDYM is a logical move forward from the success of Skrillex and Diplo’s EDM song “Where Are Ü Now” which Justin sings on, especially when paired with the more relaxed look and vibe Justin has been creating for himself over the last year or so. Continue reading

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