REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – No



Meghan Trainor is what I tend to refer to as a “periphery artist”. While she’s releasing good songs and music she manages to push into people’s line of sight and get rightfully noticed, but as soon as the quality of her material diminishes she’s pushed back into the periphery, waiting on the outskirts, only just visible until she releases something worthy of bringing her back into centre stage.

Her new single, “No”, from sophomore album, “Thank You”, at least in an isolated audio form, is the kind of material that’s going to keep her lurking in the wings waiting for her time to shine.

After first breaking through into the mainstream with the controversial topic of her body weight, for me it was her doo-wop-esque sound that held my interest. It was a cutesie aesthetic, mixed with occasional bouts of “rapping” and a fierce attitude, that meshed perfectly together to create a unique little niche for Meghan in the industry. Even when Little Mix took on the doo-wop sound for “Love Me Like You” it didn’t have the edginess and point of difference that made songs like “Dear Future Husband” and “Title” work so well for Meghan.

“No” gives me the impression that Meghan wanted very badly to make a big impact, so she took her often praised attitude and swagger and attempted to put as much of it as possible into one song, but without her sweet side to counteract her edge, “No” ended up coming across as very bland and one-dimensional.

The music video might help to bring some perspective to the song but as it stands it’s unimpressive. Upon first listen I spent most of my time trying to figure out what it reminded me of, when I should have been lost in the music getting my life.

It’s all very well being the “Best New Artist”, but the real test comes with proving it wasn’t a fluke, and with this taste of her new album I’d say she’s sitting at a solid C+.



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