REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home.

Comparisons in pop music can be frustrating. In an industry where pretty much every thing has been done before it can be difficult to produce original content, which is why it’s so important that if an artist is going to rehash a sound or visual, they need to either execute it to an incredible standard, or find some way to put their own twist on it in a way that keeps it feeling fresh, new and polished.

Upon listening to and watching Fifth Harmony’s new song my first initial thoughts were “Ciara did it better years ago” and “Rihanna is literally currently doing it better”, which aren’t thoughts that scream, “Fresh! New! Polished!” in any way whatsoever.

In an interview with Billboard, Fifth Harmony talks about changing the name of their song from simply, “Work” to, “Work from Home” to avoid confusion with Rihanna’s current single of the same name. “Hell no, can’t have the same song as the queen” they say about Rihanna, neglecting to mention that had the kept the original title they would have had the exact same song title and video concept as Ciara’s “Work” from her album “Fantasy Ride”.

The main problem with this is that Ciara absolutely slayed her version. She was out in middle of the desert in monstrous heels, dancing her ass off in a female empowerment anthem backed up by the legendary Missy Elliott. Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign took this concept and watered it down so thoroughly that their song holds just a trickle of Ciara and Missy’s impact.

If the song were any good I could maybe forgive them, but “Work From Home” is so tepid and uninteresting, with a monotone, flat sounding chorus, that the comparisons to Rihanna and Ciara are probably the best thing Fifth Harmony’s first single from their album “7/27” has going for it.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but sometimes it’s the most sincere form of laziness and lack of imagination.


XOXO, Joshipgirl

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One thought on “REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home.

  1. Misstinguette says:

    so so true, absolutely agree about Ciara’s “work” with missy elliot. It was fresh, empowering, new! and she rocked those big desert trucks with her incredible heels. I also like Ciara’s unique dancing style.
    This thing fifth harmony dropped is like eating lame lukewarm soup on the day after…

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