REVIEW: Ariana Grande – Focus

Focus; in which Ariana Grande takes the premise for previous hit, Problem, applies it to the chorus, adds a cow bell as well as some Kelly Rowland Work visuals and presents it as a new song. Same trumpets, another male voice assisting in the chorus that is again designed to be minimalistic so that she can pull off some cute dance moves without affecting her voice too much when performing the song live.

Artistic progression? Not so much. But hey, if it worked once, why not try it again, right? Especially when Focus is a highly anticipated lead single that is going to do well with the swell of hype behind it regardless of the actual quality of the track itself. Adele looks to be breaking every standing record in the music industry anyway, so Ariana was going to be overshadowed no matter what she did. If her team did the (usually) smart thing of releasing a weaker song as the lead single, only to bring the heat with the second single just in time for the album release, then this might just be a taste of the fire Ariana plans to unleash in the future.

After the barrage of trumpets that invaded the radio waves over the last couple of years I had hoped we might finally be pulling out of that particular phase, but apparently Ariana has decided to attempt to keep it alive for a little while longer. It’s a good song; it’s catchy, poppy and Ariana’s voice as always makes itself known effortlessly, but I was hoping she might do better than rehashing her old sound.




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