A review and a retraction – Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde (music video)

In the description for this blog it says that if you’re reading something more than a week after I published it, then I’ve probably changed my opinion. I find this an important message to get across because 1) music is so multidimensional, a song you heard a year ago and hated, you could love if you listened to now because of an evolved music taste, new experiences etc. Also, 2) one of my biggest philosophies in life is to always continue learning and never be afraid to be wrong. Keeping this in mind, I’d like to retract most of what I said yesterday in my review of Disclosure’s new Lorde assisted single, “Magnets”. After seeing their vision for the song in the music video released today, a lot of things fell into place that just weren’t meshing in my mind after my initial listen of the song.

One of my favourite things about music is that it’s up for interpretation, listeners can mould their own experiences onto a song to make it mean more to them. However, sometimes seeing things from the creators’ perspective is what it takes to make something click in your mind. Lorde absolutely brings Magnets to life in the music video, portraying a vengeful, sexy, man killer. The theme of domestic violence is perhaps subtle, a hard to see black eye in one scene being the main signifier, but all the more powerful due to domestic violence itself often being kept hidden by the people experiencing it.

Suddenly the lyrics also become more powerful after seeing the song brought to life visually. “Dancing past the point of no return” in this context becomes about someone finally having enough, breaking, and doing something desperate to get out of their situation. “Pretty girls don’t know the things that I know” becomes a haunting quote from a domestic violence victim or survivor who no longer considers themselves a “pretty girl” due to the harrowing things they have experienced.

The video is beautifully shot and the roles are all portrayed convincingly. From a song that originally felt expansive but full of nothing of substance, to a song and music video that are full of intense dark experiences and emotions, Lorde and Disclosure have done an excellent job of fully developing their vision for an incredible song.




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