REVIEW: Can’t Sleep Love – Pentatonix

Pentatonix had a lot to prove with the release of the first single from their very first, self titled, album with solely original content. They’ve spent years wowing the world with their incredible covers ranging from Nicki Minaj to Ariana Grande and have built up a massive, dedicated fanbase by doing so. While they had more than their fair share of covers go viral they haven’t yet seen particularly big success from any of their original songs, which is why Can’t Sleep Love is so important for them.

Pentatonix have clearly picked up on the funk trend that is running rampant in the pop music world as of late and as is the group’s forté they turn it into something incredibly unique and amazing. Doing something a cappella of course is going to make anything sound fresh and new, but Pentatonix do it so well, and so often, that you can’t help but marvel at their talent. They’ve taken the funk trend and turned it into an incredibly smooth, easy listening song that could not have been created by anyone else.

Masters of a cappella production, you could forget that you’re not listening to instrument made music. Scott soars in his falsetto and smooth delivery, Mitch brings his massive personality (that “yeah” tho) to bring the song to life. Avi, Kirstie and Kevin, often forgotten, bring the entire production together, making it sound full and whole, something difficult to do with this kind of music.

Creating something so uniquely them, something with an old school vibe but that still sounds very current was a smart move, there’s absolutely nothing that sounds like this on radio at the moment so hopefully radio stations will pick it up and give Pentatonix the airplay that through their hard work, talent and dedication they have more than earned. With the success of the Pitch perfect franchise (Pentatonix even appeared in the second movie) and a cappella receiving so much exposure from it, the landscape seems perfect for an a cappella group to finally see mainstream radio and commercial success and Pentatonix, at the forefront of the movement, are best primed to receive that success.

Regardless of whether Can’t Sleep Love is welcomed into the mainstream as it deserves, Pentatonix are breaking new ground and should be applauded for their astounding efforts and creations.




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