REVIEW: Ciara – Dance Like We’re Making Love (Video)

Ciara’s Dance Like We’re Making Love music video could easily have been turned into a cheap, sexed up boring production, but instead she has created a smooth piece of storytelling that through dance ties the song and it’s lyrics into the visuals flawlessly, making the sexiest and classiest music video of the year.

She begins by seducing her man in the pool wearing a gorgeous red dress in a garden; sexy and sultry she shows her partner her moves with the promise that “it’s ‘bout to get hot and heavy”. When the first chorus begins it’s a proposal, an offer, an invitation, “lets dance like we’re making love”.

The second verse is Ciara seeking confirmation, “I hope you’re sure this is what you want”. The man watches, seeing exactly what Ciara is about as she eyes him up and makes her intentions explicit, ensuring he isn’t going to back out just as she’s getting started.

When the second chorus hits they instigate the foreplay. They begin testing each other out, reacting to each other, getting a sense for what they each enjoy. They touch each other fleetingly, flirting, building up to something more. Just before the bridge kicks in Ciara pushes the man’s head down to her waistline and the real action is about to begin.

At the same time as the bridge bursts in the pair finally begins dancing in synch, deliberately and sensually. They have found their rhythm and are at last ready to commence the final stage of their dance.

In the final chorus Ciara confidently struts down the hallway, ripping her jewellery and dress off, declaring that the time has arrived. They dance close together, grinding on each other, bodies perfectly in tune. Ciara spreads her legs wide open and submerges into the water, completely soaked. As the song reaches its climax so does she. The song and dance end leaving Ciara, her man, and listeners of the song spent. Panting after the experience but more than ready for round two.

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