REVIEW: Cheyenne – Jason Derulo.

Since his debut I’ve been kind of perplexed as to why Jason Derulo continues to be so successful despite never really releasing any material that defines him as an artist. He’s jumped on every pop music bandwagon he could and somehow managed to ride each one to the upper regions of many (singles) charts time and time again. What makes this more annoying is that he actually is genuinely talented. He’s got the moves, he’s got the vocals, but he never seems to do anything interesting with them, instead he relies on a procession of vapid insta-hits that should have run short two albums ago.

However, with his latest album “Everything is 4” he finally seems to be slotting himself into a more permanent state of artistry and setting down roots, and this is exemplified with his latest song “Cheyenne”. Whereas in his previous single “Want to Want Me” his falsetto comes across as insistently forced upon the listener as if to prove to them that he does indeed have vocal chops, the falsetto in the chorus of “Cheyenne” flows much nicer with the song, and even more so with the horror theme of the video, giving it an eery aura.

The music video is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, but with a haunted house/ghostly ghouls theme rather than a zombie apocalypse. I’ve always felt that with Jason’s talent for dancing and ability to use falsetto like he does, he should head down a Michael Jackson/Ne-Yo-esque route and this music video proves it. While the song itself isn’t ground breaking, the visuals are captivating for the first time in a long time/ever for Jason thus far in his career, he looks comfortable and in his element proving that this is a direction he should continue to look into when attempting to define himself as something other than master of successfully jumping on every pop trend available to him.

The Janet Jackson tribute he participated in at the 2015 BET Awards which he has received a lot of praise for is further proof that this is where Jason needs to take his musical direction.



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