REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer.

Imagine a singer taking the best parts of several hit summer songs, taking cues from successful hit masters and smashing them all together to create a blend of striking pop/rock bound to define the next couple of months in pop music. Were you imagining Demi Lovato? Because if not, boy were you wrong.

Demi said in a Ryan Seacrest interview promoting her new single “Cool for the Summer” that the new song and album are all about having fun, that she’s sick of portraying the sad and wounded girl. It’s extremely clear that she has not in any way held back on the fun, in fact she’s been completely ruthless in creating a banging summer anthem and fiercely stares down anyone daring enough not to love it.

From the provocative nature of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” with lyrics such as “got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite”, to the high vocal performance of past summer anthem’s such as Jessie J’s “Domino”, to the fist pumping staccato shouts in the chorus reminiscent of “Uptown Funk” Demi has borrowed from everywhere she could. However instead of coming off as a desperate attempt to gain song of the summer status off the back of other people’s heels, she injects enough energy, raw personality and IDGAF attitude into the song that she takes all these things and makes them her own, giving them explosive power.

It takes a certain kind of person with ridiculous amounts of confidence to take a song like this and pull it off. From sleek and sultry in the verses to carefree and forceful in the choruses Demi makes no wrong moves on this number and showcases the immense talent she has to offer. Don’t ask me what I’m listening to for a couple of weeks because I’m going to have this on repeat for a very long time.



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