REVIEW: Selena Gomez – Good For You ft. A$AP Rocky

Selena Gomez has never really shaken off the “good-girl” vibe that comes from making a start on the Disney channel, although mostly because she hasn’t ever really tried to make that transition from girl into woman. With “Good For You” featuring A$AP Rocky there is absolutely no doubt that Selena has finally made that transition with her public persona, however the timing of this makes me feel very uncomfortable. Back in February Selena Gomez appeared on the cover of V Magazine looking like an inappropriately sexed up child. This obviously brought up many issues about the sexualisation of young females in the entertainment industry. If Selena’s transition had been gradual then things might have seemed less creepy, but because in a matter of months she has gone from sexed up magazine poster-child to singing a song with lyrics such as “You say I give it to you hard” there’s a juxtaposition of images that feels very uneasy.

On it’s own “Good For You” is absolutely fantastic. Selena’s voice sounds completely different to how I’ve heard it in the past. She’s breathy and sexy over a sultry slow pop/R&B-influenced beat, singing about wanting to look good for her man. You can’t help but move your hips and bite your lip while listening. Her move to Interscope Records has clearly given her more creative freedom to be herself and show different sides of her it just would have made more sense if I wasn’t picturing the look she sported on V magazine while listening to this song, it makes me feel all kinds of gross.

I’m hoping that the music video will be able to wipe the V magazine shoot from my mind so that I can listen to Good For You with full enjoyment, and the teaser video released definitely makes it look like that will be the case.



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