REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – No



Meghan Trainor is what I tend to refer to as a “periphery artist”. While she’s releasing good songs and music she manages to push into people’s line of sight and get rightfully noticed, but as soon as the quality of her material diminishes she’s pushed back into the periphery, waiting on the outskirts, only just visible until she releases something worthy of bringing her back into centre stage.

Her new single, “No”, from sophomore album, “Thank You”, at least in an isolated audio form, is the kind of material that’s going to keep her lurking in the wings waiting for her time to shine. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home.

Comparisons in pop music can be frustrating. In an industry where pretty much every thing has been done before it can be difficult to produce original content, which is why it’s so important that if an artist is going to rehash a sound or visual, they need to either execute it to an incredible standard, or find some way to put their own twist on it in a way that keeps it feeling fresh, new and polished.

Upon listening to and watching Fifth Harmony’s new song my first initial thoughts were “Ciara did it better years ago” and “Rihanna is literally currently doing it better”, which aren’t thoughts that scream, “Fresh! New! Polished!” in any way whatsoever. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Ariana Grande – Focus

Focus; in which Ariana Grande takes the premise for previous hit, Problem, applies it to the chorus, adds a cow bell as well as some Kelly Rowland Work visuals and presents it as a new song. Same trumpets, another male voice assisting in the chorus that is again designed to be minimalistic so that she can pull off some cute dance moves without affecting her voice too much when performing the song live.

Artistic progression? Not so much. But hey, if it worked once, why not try it again, right? Continue reading

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REVIEW: Carrie Underwood – Renegade Runaway

Self referentiality in music is one of my favourite things in the entire world. Britney Spears singing “my loneliness ain’t killing me no more” on Stronger after having sung “my loneliness is killing me” on …Baby One More Time is up there with my favourite pop culture moments of all time. Carrie Underwood doesn’t do it quite so obviously here with Renegade Runaway (RR), but singing essentially a gender-swapped version of her 2009 hit Cowboy Casanova (CC) (I don’t think the alliteration of the titles is a coincidence) is something we probably should have all seen coming. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Gwen Stefani – Used To Love You.

Sometimes singers (Sam Smith, for example) seem to find it difficult to spill their emotions into a song without attempting to make the song bigger than what they’re feeling. The best ballads are almost always the simplest, the most powerful the weakest. You can say a million times more with a whimper or a muted gasp than you can by screaming into a microphone in an attempt to overwhelm your audience into accepting your pain. Gwen does this to perfection. Continue reading

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