Lorde performs “Royals” on Ellen, posts “The World According to Lorde” video.

Continuing her promo campaign for her new album “Pure Heroine” (which I’m glad to see she seems to be spreading out over a few weeks rather than cramming it all into one like Miley Cyrus seems to be doing) Lorde stopped by The Ellen Show to perform her #1 single “Royals”.

While she’s still doing her weird hand gestures (that are kind of growing on me) she seemed a lot more confident during her performance and her live vocals seem to have slightly improved too. The best part though was how extremely awkward she looked once she’d finished the performance. If I was performing on Ellen (like that’ll ever happen, but whatever) that is exactly how I’d look after performing (and probably during) and I love how Lorde, even though she’s a big star now, still just seems like, and is,  a completely regular teenage girl.

Speaking of being a regular teenager, the video below titled “The World According to Lorde” is a MUST watch. Lorde talked with Vevo Lift UK in a video now on her Vevo channel about a whole lot of things from McDonalds hash browns, to Kanye West, to Miley Cyrus and things that annoy her at parties. She’s adorably awkward and I just love the video SO much.

Thanks for reading,

XOXO Joshipgirl

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